About Us

Brian Bleskacek – Operations Manager, Lori Price – Administrative Director, & Delano Bleskacek – President

Owned and operated by the Bleskacek Family and based out of Bloomer, WI, All-Ways Transit, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Delano and Joan Bleskacek. Taking great pride in the transportation industry, however, has long been a part of their family heritage. This seed of quality transportation was planted over a half-century ago when John Bleskacek (Delano’s father) purchased his first truck in 1951, and it perseveres today with All-Ways Transit, Inc.

All-Ways Transit, Inc. started with four trucks and a staff of six. It has progressed through the years to encompass the now 31 trucks and nearly 50 employees. While Delano Bleskacek is still active as President of the company, he has since passed on the day-to-day operations to the next generation of Bleskaceks. Brian Bleskacek, Lori Price, and the late Eric Bleskacek along with their parents, Delano and Joan, have all done their part to make All-Ways Transit, Inc. what it is today by placing an emphasis on quality service and equipment.

At All-Ways Transit our motto is “Getting the job done accurately and serving our customers with professionalism, all while using the finest quality equipment to do so.”